Making Bird Nests & Exploring Mud!

We love exploring & playing in the mud, so when we heard that the RSPB have been encouraging people to make more mud available in their gardens for the birds, we knew we'd be more than happy to help! In the UK the last few months have been extremely dry which has created problems for birds like house martins & swallows who need mud to build their nests, or repair nests from previous years.

To start our mud adventure Minnie collected a bottle she had filled with water, & then poured it over the soil in her garden area. You can probably guess what happened next... lots of splashing & squelching in the mud! Perfect sensory play!

More water was added & the muddy area grew & grew, & so did the fun! Minnie enjoyed digging, making mud castles, & exploring texture.

What do you do with a prefect mud castle? Jump on it of course! ;)

Minnie then continued to explore the mud with her hands & pat handfuls of it onto the wall.

Sticky, wet mud is just perfect for exploring texture & patterns.

After discovering what patterns she could make with her fingers she collected a garden rake & started to scrape patterns into the mud.

Then she started to stick items to the mud, & amazingly they stuck to the wall!
Minnie experimented with jar lids...

Sticks & twigs...

Plastic cups...

& plastic bottles.

Minnie then decided it was time to make a nest!
She collected more mud, & some sticks from around the garden, & took great care arranging & rearrange them in the nest.

The nest soon had a resident!

This was such a fun child-led activity, where Minnie was able to freely experiment, discover & problem solve. She explored a variety of natural materials & textures, & used a range of  physical skills as she made her discoveries. What a neat way to help our local wildlife too &  encourage care for other living creatures.

Check out the RSPB to discover how you can help birds around the UK.


  1. This is all kinds of wonderful :) Playing in the mud is one of the joys of childhood.

  2. Thanks Jenny :) I couldn't agree more - mud is such magical stuff!

  3. We love mud play. My girls just can't get enough of it. Never thought of it from the perspective of making mud available for birds though, that is so interesting. It is so great to build the way birds do. Getting kids to think in the mindset of how another animal lives is such a great experience.
    Thanks so much for joining the outdoor play link up!

  4. I loved this post! Mud pies--yummy!

    How neat to see how Minnie discovered all kinds of uses for mud.

  5. How perfect in every way! Hmmmm....wonder where I can get some mud around here...
    Thanks for linking up at Outdoor Play!

  6. I featured this post as my favourite from last week's Outdoor Play link up! Hope we'll see you back again this week - the link is up now.

    Thanks again for sharing this! :-)

  7. I had to come back and feature your muddy castles in a roundup of ideas to play with mud and dirt. Thanks so much for a wonderful idea!


  8. What a lovely post. Thanks for linking it to International Mud Day blog hop.

  9. Really lovely activity. We love how hands on it is, and how you let Minnie doher own investigations into what would work best! We have a free activity to download called Brilliant Birds which Minnie might enjoy... it is all about building birds nests. It is one of 9 free "Outdoors & Active" hands on investigations.