Bird Café - Treats for the Birds

How about creating a Bird Café offering a selection of tasty treats for the birds in our backyard? Each of these bird feeders were quick & easy to make, & have already attracted a variety of birds to our garden.

First on our menu is our 'Dish of the Day' & if your kiddos enjoy play cooking, or mixing food they'll love making this. We used an old bowl, spoon, lard, packet of bird seed, grapes, & sunflower seeds. I added 2 heaped tablespoons of lard to the bowl, & then Minnie mixed in the other ingredients... lots of messy fun! If you have any Christmas leftovers just add them to the mix. (Definitely a good idea to have baby wipes handy if you're not near a sink!)

We added a spoon to the bowl which looked quirky but also provided a neat perch for the birds. Our dish of the day was served up on an old table in the corner of the garden ready for our first feathered customer!

Next on the menu was our 'Nutty Roll' made from a tp roll, peanut butter/tahini, bird seed, & a length of wool. We threaded the wool through the tube to create a hanging loop, & then covered the tp roll in tahini. Ideally peanut butter is the best option, we used tahini as I'd found an old jar of it lurking at the back of our cupboard! Minnie set to work covering the tube, rolling, patting & sprinkling over the seeds.

Once covered we hung it out on a nearby tree for the birds to enjoy!

As a side dish we offered 'Pinecone Nibbles' which were made using the same paste & bird seed as our feeder before, along with a pinecone & wool. Minnie filled the pinecone with the tahini then coated with seeds.

We made several of these as Minnie loved coating the pinecones with the paste!

Our last feeder was our 'Bread with no Butter Pudding', a neat way to use up any spare dry bread, or unwanted crusts. Minnie cut a selection of shapes using her choice of cookie cutters, & added a small hole with a straw. We threaded a length of wool through & tied into a loop before taking the treats out to the birds

Our bird cafe was open & ready for visitors!

A great way to start the new year, appreciating & caring for the wildlife in your backyard, & hopefully attracting a few more birds to observe over the following weeks & months.
Happy new year!