All about Owls - Crafts, Activities & Picture Books

Autumn is an ideal time of year to explore nocturnal animals with young children, & one of the most popular night time creatures has to be the owl. Here are a few of our favourite owl activities & books perfect to share this time of year!

1. Owl Baby Story Puppets great for retelling the classic Owl Babies story, & for creating new stories too.

2. Owl Cupcakes simple for little hands to create & they make tasty treats for friends & family.

3. Wise Owl Cards ideal for exploring pattern, shape, size & colour.

4. Play Dough Owls made with upcycled materials & play dough. You could create your very own parliament of owls!

5. Owl Peg Puppets can be played with inside or outdoors. Again a great way to explore creativity, storytelling & imaginative play.

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And here are our 6 Picture Books Exploring Owls - happy reading.