50 Outdoor Activities for Kids this Autumn

Looking for creative activities to explore outdoors with children this season?
Here are 50 nature-themed ideas to inspire lots of outdoor adventures, whatever the weather. 

1. Make Toadstools for your garden

2. Paint & create patterns in your backyard with water & brushes.

3. Create an outdoor structure with weaving ribbons

4. Go on a bear hunt around your backyard, neighbourhood, or local woodland.

5 Make a magic nature wand

6. Go on a hunt for spider webs first thing in the morning. What do they look like when the sun shines on them, or when decorated with dew?

7. Capture the pattern of a leaf or a flower in some clay

8. Explore hibernation & build yourself a den outdoors. Use branches & leaves, or chairs & a sheet. What would you take with you into your den if you were going to hibernate over winter?

9. Make a mini outdoor shelter for some pebble pals

10. Wrap up warm & go on a beach walk on a windy day.

11. Create an outdoor nature hanging

12. DANCE, JUMP & PLAY in a pile of leaves!

13. Go on a leaf hunt & see how many different colours & textures you can find.

14. Make your own compost by raking up the leaves from your garden & adding them to a bin bag. Punch a few holes in the side & base of the bag & add a little water. Tie the bag & leave over the winter, & next Autumn you should have some homemade leaf mulch to use around the base of your plants.

15. Get digging & plant some bulbs ready for Spring!

16. Go blackberry picking in the countryside

17. Go apple picking & taste apples straight from the tree!

18. Make prints with muddy wellie boots! Great for exploring patterns, shapes & textures.

19. Wrap up warm one evening & go star gazing. Which constellations can you see?

20. Make your own Hedgehog from clay & sticks like these ones.

21. Collect some sticks & build a hedgehog house.

22. Become a detective & look for animal or bird prints on the ground.

23. Create an upcycled outdoor music station with some old spoons!

24. Play outside on a windy day with a pot of bubbles & watch them fly!

25. Enjoy some messy play outdoors with paint & pine cones

26. Go on a tree hunt with paper & wax crayons! Make bark rubbings of each tree you find, & check out the different patterns.

27. Make a 3D Autumn Canvas with conkers, leaves, sticks & more!

28. Grow your own tree! Plant an acorn or a conker in a plant pot & watch what happens next Spring!

29. Make an Outdoor Kitchen with a few old pots & pans, & use nature findings as the ingredients.

30. Go on a crunchy leaf walk with friends. Take a bag & see how many nature goodies you can collect. Why not make your own nature scavenger hunt.

31. Make & plant your own stick tree 

32. Add a bucket & spade to mud & explore. How many mud pies can you make?

33. Pick your own Pumpkin and decorate it with your family.

34. Turn sycamore seeds into helicopters. How high can you throw them & how fast will they spin?

35. Be inspired by the colours of Autumn & create your own Autumn Leaf Owls

36. Help the birds make a nest with mud & sticks

37. Paint with leaves instead of paintbrushes.

38. Make a drum kit with sunflowers!

39. Go on an Autumn Gruffalo hunt!

40. Play outdoors in the rain! Here are 20 ideas for outdoor play on a wet day.

41. Make a CafĂ© for the birds in your garden

42. Play hide & seek. If you only have a small outdoor space, why not hide small toys outdoors for the kids to find.

43. Climb a tree.

44. Explore a haystack at harvest with your family

45. Create a game of Autumn Tic-Tac-Toe with conkers, acorns & sticks!

46. Read, Play & Build with a book outdoors

47. Visit a local park on a chilly day. While you're running around can see your breath? Why do you think that is?

48. Explore play dough, seeds, leaves & twigs outdoors.

49. Harvest seeds from plants in your garden ready to use next year.

50. Create your own Land Art

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