Snow Painting

Here's a super frugal, simple activity offering opportunities to explore movements, patterns, shapes & colour mixing!

Take a squeezy bottle (empty washing up liquid bottles are ideal for this) & fill with runny paint. For our paint we added 2 teaspoons of powder paint to the bottle & filled with water, then shook well to mix. Ready mix paint would work just as well with plenty of water added.

I handed over the bottles to Minnie & she headed off out into the snow.
Here's what happened next...

She discovered if you shake the bottles rather than squeezing them you can create dot patterns in the snow!

She also found you can make great zig-zag patterns with the paint if you squeeze the bottle while twisting your body around!

You can send your paint flying high by pointing the bottle up...

... & it travels further if you squeeze the bottle hard!

Minnie loved mixing the paints in the snow & watching the colours blend together. She followed one set of patterns with another colour of paint, & made trails for me to follow.

She created several 'patches' of colour & watched excitedly as the snow & ice melt under & around the paint.

We're refilling these again today to create some more snow art! I wonder what we'll discover today...