Mobile Dog Home - made from Recycled Box

Here's a simple way to create a dog kennel for cuddly toys using an old smoothie box.

When Minnie goes out she's often accompanied by one of her (toy) canine friends. She recently found an empty smoothie box & started putting the toy puppies in it, calling it their house. She was eager to paint it, so she chose the paints & brushes/sponges she wanted & set to work!

Once dry we (under Minnie's instruction) added a few decorations using a black pen. Minnie stuck a bone shaped sign to the front of the box, & some sticky pads to the top of the box to hold the card down. We attached a strip of foam with two split pins to make the handle, & then our dog house was ready for it's first visitor!

It's been popular as you can see... it's what every stylish dog wants to be seen in!  ;-)

 Minnie's mobile dog home has been out & about on many occasions, & she proudly swings it along as she walks. Who'd a thought a recycled box could create so much joy!