Children's Activity Sheets for Wild Bird Trail

If you're using our Wild Bird Trail around your school, churchyard, or community space, take a look at these accompanying activity sheets. They're ideal for children to explore alongside the trail or after they've completed it. 

The activities include a trail challenge, colouring sheet with a Bible verse, fun word game, & pledge bookmark with actions we can take to help the wild birds in our neighbourhood. 

Next week is Great Big Green Week & Churches Cound on Nature, so it's a perfect time to share this Wild Bird Trail in your community. The Wildlife Trust's 30 Days Wild campaign also runs this month, encouraging all ages to get outdoors & discover all that nature has to offer on our doorstep, so it's a great opportunity to highlight the wildlife in your green outdoor space.

If you're planning to display the Wild Bird Trail around your churchyard, why not leave the children's activity sheets in your porch along with pencils & a few clipboards so children can explore the sheets outside, or have them in the refreshment area inside your church alongside some snacks & drinks for families to enjoy.

You can download the Activity Sheets here: Wild Bird Activity Sheets & discover more about the Bird Trail: Wild Bird outdoor Trail