Grow an Easter (Resurrection) Garden

With Easter just a week away it's an ideal time to create & grow an Easter Garden / Resurrection Garden. This version uses only a few items most of which are recycled, & is simple enough for young children to create. 

To make each garden we used:
A clean recycled plastic food tray
Plastic cup
2 wooden skewers
3 food twist ties
A few small stones/gravel
1 large pebble
Grass seed
A section of kitchen roll

We started by adding handfuls of compost to our plastic tray. To make a tomb for the garden I cut the plastic cup in half & Minnie added one section to the tray.

To make the 3 crosses for the garden we carefully cut up the wooden skewers & used the food twist ties to join the sticks together. (I initially secured the sticks with string, but the food ties were much easier for little hands to manipulate.)

We covered the plastic cup (tomb) with more compost & created a hill shape, before adding our crosses to the garden.

Minnie sprinkled the grass seed over the compost, & cut 2 small strips of white kitchen roll (to represent strips of linen) & added these to the inside of the tomb. To create a garden path she arranged the small stones & used the larger pebble to seal the tomb. We've placed our garden where it can get plenty of sunlight, & sprayed it with water daily.

When Easter Day arrives we'll roll the stone to one side to reveal the empty tomb. All we have to do now is just wait for the grass to grow & turn our garden green.

You could of course add more decoration to your garden; moss, small pebbles, small plants etc. But I like the simplicity of this garden. It's dull, bleak appearance before the grass seeds germinate resembles the bleakness of Good Friday when all seemed lost. And as the grass grows it reminds us that what once seemed dead & bleak on Good Friday, is well & truly transformed & alive on Easter Day!

To explore the Easter Story alongside our Easter garden we've also been sharing these picture books together.

The Easter Story
"The Easter Story" by Juliet David & Jo Parry

"The Amazing Journey" by Suzie Poole

"The Road to Easter Day" by Jan Godfrey & Marcin Piwowarski

My Very First Easter Story Sticker Book
"My Very First Easter Story Sticker Book" by Lois Rock & Alex Ayliffe