10 Simple & Frugal Outdoor Activities to Keep Kids Cool in the Sun

Looking for simple activities to keep your kids cool in the backyard on sunny days?
Here are a few of our favourite outdoor activities to beat the heat!

 Dive into an underwater world & make your own Ocean!

Splash, paddle & keep cool as you discover the magical properties of Mud!

Create a Water Play Construction Area in your backyard & have fun pouring, collecting & splashing in the water. 

Enjoy exploring the multi-sensory properties of tea in a cool shady spot.

Explore coloured ice in the sunshine outdoors. How long will the ice stay solid for? 

Run, jump, & dance in a Rainbow!

Help kids stay cool & calm with our natural Soothing Spray. Ideal for helping overheated kiddos, soothing & sunburn. 

Sprinkle cool water over little feet & toes with this upcycled Watering Can

Create some shade by building a simple den with blankets & chairs or a climbing frame. Why not turn it into a reading den for some chilled story time together.

Add bubbles & cloths to a large container of water along with some pots, pans, cups & sieves & explore this play set up in a shady area of your garden. This is perfect for those little hands that are always eager to 'help' with the cleaning, & also for those who are reluctant to wash muddy hands before going indoors!

Have fun staying cool in the sunshine!