50 Outdoor Activities for Kids this Spring!

We're celebrating Spring by sharing 50 of our favourite Outdoor Activities for Kids to enjoy this season! It's such a great time of year to explore & perfect for encouraging plenty of play, as well as discovering all that nature has to offer!

So here are our 50 favourite activities to enjoy out & about this Springtime!

1. Spring is the perfect time to grow your own fruit or vegetables. (If you have limited space here are a few ideas to inspire.)

2. Grab your wellies & splash, jump & play in the mud.

3. Listen to the trees in a spring breeze.

4. Help peg out the washing outside!

5. Make a bug hotel for local insects.

6. Plant some sunflower seeds. Why not give some to friends & have a sunflower growing competition

7. Have a jumping race around a local park. How many jumps does it take to get to the bench, the path, etc.

8. Blow bubbles with a friend & take it in turns to run & catch them.

9. Grab a bike, scooter or trike & set off on an adventure with all your family.

10. Go puddle jumping... & encourage the adults to join in too!

11. Go on a snowdrop walk with your family, or see if you can spot them as you walk around your neighbourhood.

12. Make a rainbow wand & dance with it around your garden or local park.

13. Plant some Spring flowers in a container & take them to a neighbour as a gift.

14. Scatter some wildflower seeds around your garden to help attract insects this summer.

15. Make a simple birdbath.

16. Go on a worm hunt.

17. Visit your local beach.

18. Wrap up in your waterproofs & go exploring in the rain.

19. Make a den with your family in a nearby woodland.

20. Play with indoor toys outside! (Plastic toys are ideal for this.)

21. Have a picnic or snack outside in the Spring sunshine.

22. Go on an evening walk & watch the sunset.

23. Instead of having a playdate indoors why not go on a walk together!

24. Climb up a hill... roll down a hill!

25. Collect sticks.

26. Play 'Pooh Sticks' over a bridge with your family & friends.

27. Go on an Easter egg hunt.

28. Paint outside walls, sheds & garden fences with paintbrushes & water.

29. Wash the windows! So much soapy fun to be had!

30. Make a kite & explore what happens when you run with it on a windy day.

31. Visit your local playground.

32. Discover newly born chicks.

33. Hold a Spring tea party for favourite toys

34. Make Spring Hats & have an outdoor parade.

35. Go on a blossom hunt & make blossom confetti! Throw it, catch it, dance in it!

36. Take a walk to feed the ducks. Can you spot any new ducklings?

37. Hug a tree! What signs of Spring can you see on the tree?

38. Collect a favourite pebble on a walk & turn it into a Pebble Pal!

39. Keep bubble bottles & turn them into a Spring Wind Chimes

40. Go on a Spring hunt looking for signs of Spring?

41. Visit a nearby pond with family & go pond dipping. Can you find any tadpoles?

42. Play 'hide & seek' in the Spring sunshine.

43. Search for daisies & make a daisy chain.

44. Create some Land Art with items collected from a nature walk.

45. Take a large cardboard box outside to play in... what will it turn into?

46. Explore a bluebell wood (April/May)

47. Look for moths/butterflies hiding under plants.

48. Make a simple bird feeder!

49. Climb a tree!

50. Visit a local woodland & go bird spotting. Which birds can your see or hear?

We're excited to be joining in the Spring bloghop organised by the lovely Angelique Felix & Rainy Day Mum. Check out the other great blogs taking part from around the world & their fabulous Spring & Easter activities.

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  1. I loved your outdoor play ideas! And the spring Blog Hop is wonderful! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Wonderful list! I love all the pictures. :)