Edible Easter Spring Garden

These cute little gardens are a real Spring treat! Easy for children to create for the rest of the family, & a fun way to celebrate this beautiful time of year.

To make our Spring gardens we used recycled dessert pots. Yoghurt pots would work just as well, but these transparent pots allow you to see each layer of the dessert garden as it grows!

We also used:
1 tablespoon raisins / sultanas
1 packet of Chocolate pudding dessert (& milk)
1 chocolate brownie / cupcake crumbled into a breadcrumb consistency
1 tablespoon Coco Pops (or any other breakfast cereal)
A handful of desiccated coconut
A few drops of green food colouring
Mini chocolate beans to decorate

We started by making the grass for our garden, & added a handful of coconut & a few drops of green food colouring to a plastic food bag, then rubbed together until the colour was even.

Then it was time to plant our garden! We started by adding a layer of raisins & sultanas to the bottom of our pot followed by the Coco Pops. After mixing our chocolate mousse we added a layer  to the pot & then sprinkled over the crumbled cake. These ingredients can be added in any order your kids wish, & of course they can decide how much of each ingredient they wish to add, it really doesn't matter too much about the quantity of each, our ingredients are simply a suggestion. If your kids aren't keen on any of the above ingredients they can be substituted for many others, such as ice-cream, Oreos, nuts, or ginger / digestive biscuits.

When we'd finished adding the ingredients our garden dessert looked like this. Looking at the different layers gave us an opportunity to briefly talk about various soil layers beneath the ground, & which animals / insects lived there. We talked about the rocks (raisins) at the bottom of our pot & how we'd have to dig through the other layers to reach them. 

We topped off our soil with our green grass & we were ready to add some Spring accessories!

The mini chocolate beans created simple flower shapes & were great for exploring patterns. We couldn't resist adding a little ladybird (made from red fondant icing & decorated with an icing pen) to enjoy our colourful garden.

Having talked about which animals/minibeasts lived in the soil Minnie was keen to add a worm to her garden! A jelly sweet snake made a perfect worm, & we added a spoon garden spade ready to get digging!

These cute little Easter chicks (from The Works) fitted perfectly into our Spring garden, along with a couple of mini chocolate eggs.

These fun desserts are a quick & easy activity for kids to enjoy over the Easter Hols.