Springtime Easter Bonnet - made from paper

With Spring & Easter just around the corner, we've been busy creating our Easter bonnet! This was Minnie's first Easter bonnet & she was desperate to make a daffodil hat with ladybirds on, so we came up with this simple design which is ideal for preschoolers to create. 

To make our Daffodil Easter Bonnet we used:
2 sheets of A4 green card
green pipe cleaners
1 sheet of yellow card
orange tissue paper
scraps of coloured card & foam sheets.

For the base of the hat, we cut a sheet of green A4 card in half to create two long strips, & cut thin triangular shapes from the other sheet to create strands of grass. (If you haven't got any coloured card, you could colour/paint the inside of a cereal packet. 

To create the flowers, Minnie took a look at our mini daffodil plant & observed the shape & size of each flower before creating her own daffodil shapes. She cut these out & we attached them to the green pipe cleaners using sticky tape. 

 For the centre of the flowers Minnie scrunched up sections of orange tissue paper. 

We attached the pipe cleaners to the hat with more tape, making sure the base of the pipe cleaner was covered so it wouldn't irritate when it was worn. To create the hat shape, I wrapped the card around your Minnie's head to get an accurate fit, & then secured the edges of the card with tape. 

We added a few ladybirds & butterflies (using the scraps of paper & foam) & turned our hat into an 'eye spy' game. Minnie loved this, & it was great to hear her using the correct letter in each of her descriptions. Who'd a thought you could explore literacy in an Easter bonnet! ;-)

This hat has been paraded around the garden & house on several occasions & I love watching the daffodils swaying around as Minnie dashes about!

A bright hat to welcome the arrival of Spring or celebrate Easter, & a neat way to explore shapes, measurements, size, colour, design, creativity, nature, & imagination.