Make Your Own Post-it-Note Crown

If you're looking for a Coronation craft for tweens or teens, this is simple one to share. With just a few Post-it-Notes & folding skills, they can create a fabulous crown to wear for any celebration! 

To make these crowns all you need are: Post-it-Notes (we used a selection of colours), & a stapler.

:: Start by placing the Post-it-Note in front of you with the sticky side at the top facing you. Fold the corners of sticky edge in to create two triangles (see below) & then fold the bottom edge up. You should end up with something that looks a little like a paper boat shape.

Continue making folding the Post-it-Notes until you have around 12.

:: To create you're crown you'll need to join your Post-it-Notes together by slipping the bottom section into the fold of another, as in the photo below. 

:: To secure the paper, staple the bottom corner of each Post-it-Note.

: :To create a neat finish, make sure the bottom corners of are in the same place on each overlapping Post-it-Note.

:: Wrap the crown around your head to see if you need to add any more Post-it-Notes. When you have enough, simply staple the edges together to form your paper crown. 

When we used these crowns, we wanted to celebrate our uniqueness & individual qualities, so added the verse "Fearfully and wonderfully made" from Psalm 139, writing each word on individual Post-it-Notes. 

This is a such a simple craft to set up, & when I've shared this with tweens & teens in the past, they've loved creating crowns for their friends too. Why not set up a Crown Making Station at your event, & invite tweens to make Post-it-Note Crowns for the folk attending? 

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