King & Queen 'Pop Up' Puppets - made from recycled paper cups

If you're using paper cups & straws at you Coronation celebrations this weekend, here's a fun recycling activity for children to turn them into puppets. These King & Queen Pop Up Puppets are so simple to create, all you need are a paper cup & straw, glue sticks, scissors & our FREE Printable puppets for children to colour.

:: Start by drying the inside of your paper cup, then cut small sections at the top to create the castle battlements. If you wish, you could decorate & colour your paper cup to create a castle.

:: Colour & cut out our King & Queen templates, & glue the back onto your paper straw.

:: Make a small hole at the base of your cup, by pushing through a pencil/pen.

:: Push your straw through the base of the cup so your King or Queen can fit snuggly inside the castle.

:: Move your strawer up & down so your royal puppets can pop up & admire the view around the top of the castle.

You can download our FREE Puppet Templates here: King & Queen Pop Up Puppets.

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