Make Your Own Eco Friendly Bird Feeder Castle

Make your own Bird Feeder Castle for the birds in your backyard. Celebrate the King's love of nature with this fun eco friendly Coronation craft.

To make this regal bird feeder you'll need;
One juice/milk carton
One pencil
Sticky tape
Optional: Sharpie pens to decorate your castle.

How to make:

:: Cut away the top third of the carton & keep the smaller section for later.

:: Cut four short lengths all the way round the top of the larger carton to create strips. Fold in alternate strips to make the battlements for your castle, as in the photo below.

:: Carefully push a pencil through one side of the carton & then through to the opposite side.

:: Using the section of carton that you cut away earlier, cut a square shape & place over the battlement you made. You can secure this with tape later. This will help protect the bird food inside.

:: Draw an arch shape onto the carton above your pencil, & cut it out. Do the same on the opposite side. 

:: Secure the square card on the top of your battlement with sticky tape underneath.

:: Make 2 small holes near the top of your castle & thread through a length of ribbon/string that can be used to hang up your Bird Feeder Castle.

:: Fill the base of the carton with your choice of bird food & hang your Bird Feeder Castle somewhere in your outdoor area where the birds can access it easily.

:: If you wish, you could use Sharpie pens to decorate the outside of your castle too. 

If you can, hang your Bird Feeder Castle somewhere where you can see it from indoors, & you'll be able to watch the different birds enjoying their new fancy feeder.

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