Make an Eco-Friendly Coronation Crown - Then Plant it for the Bees!

 Make your own eco-friendly crown to celebrate the King's Coronation & help the bees at the same time! This simple recycling craft is quick, easy & super-frugal to make! When you've finished wearing your beautiful crown for your Coronation celebrations, you can plant it directly into the ground, & in a few weeks time the 'nature jewels' on your crown will have transformed into blooms of gold for the bees to enjoy! 

All ages will love creating these fabulous crowns. All you need is a brown paper bag or recycled brown paper, sunflower seeds, & flour paste/glue. 

To make an eco-friendly adhesive flour paste, mix a tbsp of flour with a tsp of water.

:: To make your compostable crown, fold your paper bag flat & cut out a wide strip across the middle.

:: Fold your strip of paper in half, & repeat twice more, before cutting a triangular shape at the top. Unfold your paper & you should have a zig-zag pattern for the top of your crown.

:: To make sure that your crown is going to fit, measure the strip of paper around your head & mark off where you need to cut & stick the edges together.

:: Next, decorate your crown with coloured pencils, chalks, or eco-friendly pastels. You could add jewel colours, or make a pattern using colours from the Union Jack like we did.

:: Now you're ready to add your nature jewels! To attach the sunflower seeds to your crown, add a few drops of flour paste/glue using a paintbrush & then place the sunflower seeds on top.

They may not dazzle & sparkle yet, but in a few weeks, these natural jewels will grow into beautiful blooms of gold with stunning emerald leaves! 

:: Leave the crown to dry overnight, & your nature jewels will be stuck tight ready for you to party & wear your crown the next day.

With the excess paper from your brown bag, why not make a matching royal crown for a friend. 

After celebrating the Coronation, simply plant your crown in the earth & watch as it transforms into beautiful sunflowers ready for pollinators to enjoy. Such a lovely way to continue the Coronation celebrations throughout the year too.

This is such a simple craft, & like so many of the other project on this blog, it encourages children to recycle, reuse & care for creation.

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