When is a box not a box... when it's a Princess Carriage!

Here's how we turned a cardboard box into a stylish horse & carriage perfect for a Princess.

Take one large box, fold the bottom & top sections inside the box.

Stick white paper around the outside of the box (we used double-sided tape). Decorate the outer top edge of the box with a little gold & glitter for that extra sparkle!

To make the wheels, take two paper plates & two smaller circles of card (we cut our circles from a cereal packet) cover with paint of your choice. Minnie chose more gold... well it is for a Royal Princess!

Minnie decided to add some sparkle to the wheels - very glam!

To create the red & blue hearts we painted some recycled card (with brushes & fingers) & left to dry, then cut out simple heart shapes.

We stuck these onto the carriage along with some flower shapes we had left over from another craft.

To make the shoulder straps I made four holes at opposite ends of the box using scissors (not a job for little hands). Minnie then threaded red, white & blue ribbon through the holes, & to secure them I tied them together. (You'll need to measure the length of the straps before attaching.)

We stuck on the wheels, & I cut a hole in the front of the box so we could slide Minnie's hobby horse through!

We just needed a crown for the Princess & then we were off!

The famous Royal wave
We also made pom-poms to celebrate the Royal wedding using red, white & blue ribbon.

To create the curls, tie the ribbons tightly together & carefully slide each piece of ribbon along the side of a pair of scissors (not a job for little hands). To make the ribbons thinner, tear each ribbon in half starting at the bottom, Minnie did a great job doing this. To make the handle a little neater, wind a piece of ribbon around the tied ends & seal with tape.

Perfect for any princess!