Turn a Cardboard Box into a Royal Horse Drawn Carriage!

Here's how we turned a cardboard box into a stylish horse drawn carriage. Perfect for celebrating the King's Coronation, or any royal occasion.

Take one large box, fold the bottom & top sections up inside the box.

Attach white paper to the outside of the box (we used a roll of paper & double-sided tape). Decorate the outer top edge of the box with a little gold paint.

To make the wheels, we used two paper plates & two smaller circles of card, cut from a cereal packet. Then paint ir decorate as you wish. My girl chose more gold... well it is a royal carriage!

She then decided the wheels needed more decoration... so sequins & paper shapes were added. Very glam!

To create the patriotic red, white & blue hearts, we painted recycled card, left it to dry, then cut out some simple heart shapes.

We glued these onto the carriage along with some flower shapes we had left over from another craft.

To make the shoulder straps, I made four holes on opposite ends of the box using a pair of scissors, & threaded red, white & blue ribbon through the holes. To secure, I simply tied them together. You'll need to measure the length of the straps before attaching to make sure they're the perfect fit.

We stuck on our paper plate wheels, & I cut a hole in the front of the box so we could slide our hobby horse through! 

Our royal horse drawn carriage was ready to go!

This horse drawn carriage enjoyed many laps around the garden. With the addition of a crown & petty dress, it was entered into a local fancy dress competition & won! So much fun & creativity inspired from a simple cardboard.