Royal Guard Coronation Figures - Free Printable

Whether you're hosting a Coronation tea, community event, or street party, these Royal Guard figures are perfect to decorate any celebratory table & are sure to bring a smile. Super quick & easy for all ages to make with our Free printable. 

These really are super simple to make, all you need are:
Printable template 
Cardboard tubes

:: Print out our templates & cut the figures out.

:: Glue one edge of the body template to your cardboard tube, making sure that the top of the printable is in line with the top of the tube. Wrap the template around & glue the edge to secure.

:: Add a little glue to the base of the head & attach it to the body. 

:: If you have any excess paper at the base of your tube, simply tuck it inside to secure.

If you have no cardboard tubes available, the Guard templates can be printed on cardstock, but may be a little less sturdy without the thicker cardboard tube centre.

Download your FREE printable here: Royal Guards

However you use these little cardboard figures, I hope they bring lots of fun to your Coronation celebrations. When you've finished using them as decorations, they can be upcycled as penholders to guard your stationary!