Make Your Own Dotty the Donkey Stick Puppet - Free Printable for Kids to Colour

These Dotty the Donkey colour in stick puppets are great for children to make & take on an Easter Adventure. Whether you use them alongside our Dotty the Donkey Easter Trail, or simply make at home, they offer a wonderful opportunity for kids to retell & explore the Easter Story.

Our Dotty the Donkey Trail takes children on an interactive journey through Holy Week, enabling them to discover key events along the way. These stick puppets would be a fun activity to create after they've discovered the trail, so they can take their own Dotty the Donkey home with them.

If you're using these in a church setting, the donkey printables could be left on a table in Church for visiting families to discover & make over the Easter Holidays. All you need are children's scissors, sticky tape, lolly sticks, & colouring pens/pencils. Each printable sheet has 8 donkey templates that can be cut out ready for children to use.

How to make the Stick Puppets:

:: Colour in your Dotty the Donkey Printable
:: Cut around the donkey template
:: Attach a lolly stick to the back of your Dotty the Donkey with sticky tape, & your puppet is ready to go!

How children could use their Dotty the Donkey Puppet:

:: Retell the Easter Story in their own words. Additional props or toys could be added.
:: Explore the emotions of Holy Week, thinking about how Dotty the Donkey or others may have felt.
:: Go on a nature adventure & explore the Easter Story outdoors. Our Easter Scavenger Hunt is ideal for this.
:: Read an Easter Storybook & walk your Dotty the Donkey puppet through the illustrations. 
:: Get creative & create a scene or background from junk modelling for Dotty to explore.
:: Create an Easter garden for Dotty to discover.

I'm sure these mini Dotty the Donkey puppets are going to have lots of amazing adventures this Easter & enable children to creatively explore the Easter Story.