6 Creative Eco-Friendly Ways to Recycle your Christingle

 'Tis the season for Christingles! Have you been to a Christingle Service this year & brought your creation home? After the candle has burnt down, & the sweets have been eaten, what do you do with the rest of it? Here are 6 creative ideas to recycle your Christingle & keep its message of hope alive a little longer.

:: Dry your Christingle to make natural decorations

There's something so Christmassy about these orange decorations & they're really not that hard to make. Start by slicing your orange into rounds & pat dry with a tea towel. Place them on greaseproof paper on a wire tray & dry them in the oven, 80°C/175°F, for 4-5 hours. Turn half way through drying, making sure they don't brown. When they're dry to touch, remove them & leave to cool. These make great tree decorations or additions to Christmas wreaths, & they smell lovely.



:: Create a scented seasonal garland.

Use the orange peel from your Christingle to make a pretty scented garland. Cut your orange in half & scoop out the middle ready to eat or juice later. Then using a small metal cookie cutter cut out a few shapes from the orange peel & thread onto some fine ribbon. These make cute indoor or outdoor decorations & will dry so they can be used again next year. 

:: Make your own naturally scented candles.

We made these candles for Candlemas & not only do they look pretty, they smell beautiful too. Find out how we made them here: Orange Peel Candles

:: Create a biodegradable planter to grow kitchen herbs

Turn your orange into a planter & grow herbs on your windowsill. Cut your orange in half, scoop out the segments & fill with compost. Sprinkle over a few seeds & spritz with a little water. Place on your windowsill in a small container & watch the seeds grow in your orange planter.


:: Turn your Christingle into a Birdfeeder

Care for the birds in your backyard with these eco-friendly birdfeeders. Take half an orange & scoop out the fruit. Use a bradawl or skewer to make 4 holes around the orange, then thread 2 lengths of string through to enable it to hang up. Fill with birdseed & hang outdoors for the birds to enjoy.

:: Make a Christingle bookmark 

Turn the red ribbon from your Christingle into a bookmark for your Bible to remind you of God's never ending love.

You can download a FREE PDF Flyer featuring these ideas here - Recycle Your Christingle. 
Ideal for printing on the back of your service sheet, sharing as a separate flyer, or adding to your Christingle Packs.

Whatever you choose to turn your Christingle into, I hope its message continues to shine brightly in your home. 

Don't forget to donate to the amazing Children's Society & the incredible work they do with children across the country. 

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