Chocolate Orange Christingle Cupcake Recipe (& Edible Candle)

These Chocolate Orange Christingle Cupcakes not only taste delicious, but they're also simple for kids to make & a great activity for any after school club, Christingle Service or Messy Church event. I've kept the ingredients simple so they can be made easily with small or large numbers of children too.

Here's our simple Chocolate Orange Cupcake Recipe.

8oz self-raising flour
8oz of butter/stork margarine 
8oz caster sugar
4 large eggs
Half a chocolate orange chopped into small  chunks

Mix all the ingredients together (but not the choc chunks) until you have a smooth batter. Sprinkle the chunks of orange chocolate into the mix & then spoon the mixture into cupcake cases before baking them for 15-20mins at 180°C.

Once they're done, remove from the oven & cool on a wire rack. Our recipe made 12 large cupcakes, but could alternatively make 20 small buns.

For the Christingle Cupcake topping you'll need:
Jelly Tots
Orange & Yellow Icing
Candy Sticks
Red Strawberry Laces.

Once the cupcakes are cool, they're ready to be decorated.

 To make our cupcake topping we took a small section of the orange icing & rolled into a ball then flattened it with our hands which we found quicker & easier than using a rolling pin. We made sure it was a fairly even thickness & then used a round cookie cutter (same size as the cupcake) to cut out our orange circle.

We placed this on the cupcake & gently pushed the edges so they covered over all the sponge underneath.

If you wish to add some detail, gently press the edges of a fork all over the icing to create a pitted effect like orange skin.

To make our edible candles we took one of the candy sticks & a tiny ball of yellow icing which we rolled into a ball & then pinched the top to make a flame shape. We moulded it onto the candy stick & our edible candle was ready to add to the centre of our Christingle.

Next we needed a red ribbon, but as we wanted our Christingle to be completely edible we used a strawberry lace as an alternative, wrapping it around the base of the icing.

We then added our sweets around the outside using only 4 to represent the 4 seasons. Alternatively, you could just use the raisins or a mixture of both. We found it was actually easier to add the sweets to the cake first & then add the candle to the centre so it didn't get knocked over in the eagerness to sample the sweets!

And there you go! A simple yummy Chocolate Orange Christingle Cupcake to enjoy or share! 

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