Interactive Prayer Stations for All Ages - Praying for Ukraine

These interactive Prayer Stations are designed for all ages, & are ideal for intergenerational worship, or to be left in churches to be explored throughout the week. They're also ideal for school prayer spaces, particularly for children 8yrs + & high school students, but can also be used for youth groups or house groups to explore.

The Prayer Stations follow 6 simple themes. To set up the stations you'll need the follow:

Freedom Prayer: Grains of wheat, or grains from a packet of bird food.

Unity Prayer: Lengths of yellow & blue ribbon/wool.

Hope Prayer: Sunflower seeds 

Refuge Prayer: A4 paper, pens & some pre-made paper boats (this may also be useful to have on display) 

Solidarity Prayer: Sheets of A4 paper in assorted colours, children's scissors & pens

Peace Prayer: Tealights (Plus a sand tray if you have no candle stand)

You'll find the 6 printable Prayer Stations clearly explain each activity, so you just need to add the corresponding items from the list above. 

Download your Free Prayer Stations here - Interactive Prayer Stations for Ukraine

For best results print onto A4 white paper/cardstock in colour.

I hope these prayer stations encourage all ages in your community to come together & unite in prayer for our world, especially for the people of the Ukraine.