Sycamore Seed Angels - Christmas Nature Craft

These Sycamore Seed Angels are so simple to make, & look beautiful when decorating a Christmas tree. What's more, after you've finished with them, the seed head can be planted, & you can grow your own sycamore sapling!

We love crafting at this time of year, but especially love crafting with natural items we've gathered from our neighbourhood or on nature walks. Nature crafts are a great opportunity to head on outside, explore your environment & appreciate all that nature has to offer this season. Autumn & Winter offer oodles of nature goodies to craft with, including of course sycamore seeds!

We're lucky enough to have an old sycamore tree near us, & a couple of weeks ago it started shedding it's 'helicopter' seeds, so we collected a few ready to make these Christmas angels.

How to make the Sycamore Seed Angels 

You'll need: 3 sycamore seeds, a glue gun, length of cotton thread, white paint & paintbrush.

Start by gluing two of the sycamore seeds together to create the angel's wings. 
Then glue the other seed over the top to create the angel's body. 

Make a loop with the cotton thread, & then attach it to the back of the angel's head with a drop of glue. 

You could leave your Sycamore seed angel natural as in the photo above, or add a little colour to the wings & body by brushing over a little paint & then decorating as you wish. 

These look so graceful as they slowly spin on the branches of a Christmas tree, & would make great gifts to share with family or friends. 

After Christmas when the decorations come down, the unpainted sycamore seed can be removed & planted in shallow pot of peat free compost. (Just make sure you remove any glue or paint before planting the seed.) Keep an eye on the seed & hopefully next year a new sycamore seedling will appear & grow into a new Sycamore tree!