Nativity Story Stick Puppets - Free Printable for Kids to Colour

These colour in Nativity Stick Puppets are a great way for children to creatively explore the Christmas Story. Not only do they offer the opportunity to explore key characters, but also encourage imaginative play, language skills & so much more.

What I love about these Puppets is that they allow children of all ages to immerse themselves in the wonder of the Christmas Story, & retell the narrative in their own words.

This set of Nativity Story Puppets is designed in b/w on two A4 pages.

Page 1 features the key Nativity figures: Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Angel, Shepherd, 3 Kings, Donkey, Sheep, Star.

Page 2 features 'extras' including a camel & stable, as well as extra shepherds, angels & sheep. 

So, if you just want a classic Nativity set, then you only need to print off one sheet of paper!

How to make the puppets
You'll need:
Our Free Printable Nativity Stick Puppets  (for best results print on white cardstock)
Jumbo lolly sticks 
Colouring pens or pencils
Sticky tape

To make:
Print out the Nativity Puppets, colour them in, & cut them out. 
Then simply stick onto a lolly stick & your puppets are ready to share their story!

Ideas for how to use your Nativity Stick Puppets
:: Invite children to create a Nativity Puppet Show
:: Use the puppets to sequence key events in the story
:: Explore different characters emotions 
:: Read a Nativity storybook with  the puppets  
:: Leave the puppets with a variety of Christmas Storybooks to be discovered
:: Add the puppets to a tuff tray along with some scenery/props.
:: Play a Nativity version of 'hide & seek' by hiding the puppets around your setting
:: Add them to a toy stable (or cardboard box) ready for some open-ended play
:: Take them outside to be explored 

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