Simple String Art - Weaving an Easter Cross

This simple activity enables kids to create some beautiful three-dimensional art, & explore the Easter Story.

To make these Easter Crosses we used:
A small block of wood (we picked up some offcuts up from a local DIY store)
5 Nails (40mm) for each cross
Coloured yarn/string
Ruler, scissors & pen

Using the ruler we marked out a cross shape in the centre of the wooden block so we could clearly see where to add the nails. Minnie then independently hammered the nails into the four points of the cross, & one into the centre. It was great to see her confidence & control of the hammer develop as she went along, & by the time she'd tapped in the last nail her sense of achievement was clear to see. 

More nails could be added if wish to create a more detailed weaving frame, but we kept this one pretty simple. (Obviously Minnie is at an age & stage where she can use a hammer independently under close supervision. If you have a younger child you may like them to hold the hammer with you as you tap in the nails, or undertake this part of the activity yourself.)

With all the nails added the simple framework was ready for us to use. 

Minnie chose her yarn & tied one end to a nail. She decided to start from the centre but you could begin from any nail on the frame. To create the cross shape she had to manipulate & loop the wool around the nails carefully, thinking about where to move it next. At first this was a little tricky & she started to create a diamond shape, so she went back & tried moving the wool in a different pattern around the nails. Soon she discovered that the wool had to be moved back & forth along each line & the centre nail would enable her to change the direction of the wool, while keeping the cross shape. It was great to observe how she solved this, & the patience she displayed in doing so. 

Once she had finished adding her first layer she tied the end of the yarn to the nearest nail. She then chose another colour to weave over the top & continued following the same pattern as before, gently pushing down the yarn to free up space on the nails.  

Finally she added a third colour to complete her Easter Cross. You could add more or less yarn, or use one or more colours, the joy of this activity is that children can create their own design. 

This Easter activity not only encourages creativity, problem solving, motor skills, & coordination, the end result is a beautiful & colourful three-dimensional work of art that can be displayed year after year.

We used this activity to help us explore the Easter Story & the transforming power of the cross.

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