Create an Epiphany Star with some Salad Spinner Art

Create a special star to celebrate Epiphany. This is such a fun activity which creates some beautiful art, & if you're not a fan of messy painting activities, this one keeps the paint neatly undercover too! All you need is an old salad spinner, some squeezy paint & some recycled card.

Epiphany falls on 6th January & marks the arrival of the Three Wise Men to see Jesus. Unlike the Shepherds who saw Jesus as a baby, the Wise Men who were guided by a star, visited him a couple of years later. That star must have been pretty special for those Wise Men to follow it all that way.

:: To make your own special unique Epiphany Star start by drawing a star shape on some recycled card. We used a large star-shaped cookie cutter to give us a template to draw around. 

:: Secure the back of the star to the base of the salad spinner with a little sticky tac or tape. 

:: Add a few drops of your chosen paint to the centre of the star. You only need a little paint to create the most amazing patterns.

:: Place the lid securely on the salad spinner & spin the lid as fast as you can! If you're brave enough you can carefully lift the lid just before it stops spinning so you can see the colours spinning around your star.

:: Carefully remove your star & leave to dry. 

:: Once dry, you could hang it in your window to remind you of the amazing journey of the Wise Men, & the hope they found. Or you could stick your star on a card to share with someone special. 

After creating your special star you might like to go stargazing & see if you can spot the brightest star in the night sky.
Happy Epiphany.