'Rocky Road to Bethlehem' - Simple No-Cook Recipe for Kids to Explore the Christmas Story

This quick & easy no-cook Rocky Road Recipe tells the Christmas Story as you make it. A perfect activity for all ages that can be made before Christmas or in the run up to Epiphany on January 6th. 

Not only is this a fun family activity, it also doubles up as a homemade gift to share with family & friends. Print out one of our special Rocky Road to Bethlehem recipe labels & you'll be sharing the good news of the Christmas Story with others too. Two thousand years ago the angels shared the good news as they sang to the shepherds, now you can share the same good news with an edible Christmas Story!

This yummy treat is great way for kids to sequence the events of the Christmas Story, & having made it before I know it's not just kids who love it, in fact some older friends have asked for it year after year! 

To make our Rocky Road to Bethlehem you'll need:

2 x 200g chocolate bar (milk or dark chocolate)

1 cup of mini white marshmallows

1 cup of shredded wheat (broken up)

2 x Mars Bars - sliced into chunks

2 x Milky Way chocolate bar - sliced into chunks

1 cup of raisins/sultanas 

1 box of Maltesers

1 large bag of Haribo sweets - you'll need the rings & the hearts 

Edible gold spray

Cake tin. We used a silicone pan (20cm x 20cm) which was easier to remove the Rocky Road. If you're using a metal pan line it with baking paper first to prevent it sticking. 

Top Tip: Make sure all your ingredients are measured out ready to use before you begin baking as the chocolate will set quickly once melted.


:: Melt your 2 chocolate bars in a large bowl. Use either a bain-marie, or short blasts in a microwave, then allow to cool slightly. The melted chocolate represents the earth in darkness waiting for Jesus The Light of the World. 

:: Add the Haribo rings - these represent Mary & Joseph, the engaged couple setting out on their journey from Nazareth.

:: Pour in the Maltesers & gently stir - the honeycomb represents the sandy rocky path that Mary & joseph had to travel to Bethlehem. Did you know Nazareth is 90 miles from Bethlehem?

:: Pour in the raisins & gently mix in - Mary & Joseph travelled with a donkey & the raisins represent donkey poo (of course!) 

:: Sprinkle over the shredded wheat but don't stir it yet - this is the straw of the stable, the only place available to Mary & Joseph after their long journey.

:: Sprinkle over the Haribo hearts, but don't stir yet -  these represent Jesus & the love & hope he brings

:: Pour in the marshmallows & gently stir the mixture - the Shepherds were the first to visit baby Jesus & the marshmallows represent their sheep

:: Add the chunks of Milky Way & stir in gently - this represents the star that shone over Bethlehem. Did you know the Milky Way is made up of approximately 100 billion stars? The Bethlehem Star must've been one special star! 

:: Add the Mars Bar chunks & stir for the final time - Mars Bars are made up of 3 layers making them ideal to represent the 3 Wise Men & their 3 gifts.

:: Pour the mixture into the cake tin. Then spray over a little of the edible gold - this represents the angels that filled the sky rejoicing in the birth of a new born king - Jesus!

:: Chill your rocky road mixture in the fridge for a couple of hours & then turn out onto a chopping board. Using a very sharp knife (adults only) cut your 'Rocky Road to Bethlehem' into bite size slices. You'll need to apply a little pressure to the knife as the mixture is fairly solid, but this helps it hold it's shape. Don't forget to have a little taster too! 

If you're sharing these as gifts, simply add to bags, secure with string & add one of our Free Printable 'Rocky Road to Bethlem' Recipe Labels which you can download here.

Christmas is a little different this year, but the rocky road Mary & Joseph travelled, the uncertainty they faced, & the messiness of the stable continues to give me hope. Whatever is around the corner, the light will always shine brightly in the darkness, & nothing will overcome it.

Wishing you & yours a very happy Christmas. ♥