Simple 'No Prep' Advent Countdown for Kids - 'Follow the Star'

Looking for a simple homemade Advent Countdown? Then this no-prep countdown is for you!  Quick & easy to put together, & lots of fun for all ages to discover throughout December. 

All you need for this Advent Countdown are 3 Wise Men & a Star. That's it! 

If you don't have any crib figures, you could make your own with our Free Printable Kings & Star. Simply print on cardstock, cut around the templates, glue the tabs together at the back & they're ready to use.

For this Advent Countdown the three Kings are going on an adventure! 

Here's how it works...

Introduce the children to the Three Kings, explaining that the Kings are going on a journey following the star, just as they did in the Nativity Story, but this time they will need the children's help to find it.

On the morning of December 1st, leave the Kings by your front door but have the star hanging in a different location where the kings can be moved to. (Each night you'll need to move the star to a new location ready to be discovered by the children the next morning.)

The idea is that when the star is found, the children move the Three Kings from their previous location to the star's new position. The star & Kings stay there all day until you move the star (not the kings) to a new location that night, ready to be found the next day. 

The Kings then continue to travel around the house every day following the star, until 25th Dec when, if you wish, you could place the star above your crib scene. You could of course, even keep them travelling until Epiphany!

Where to 'hide' the star...

I'm sure you'll have some great ideas, but here are a few to get you started:

:: Alongside Christmas books on bookshelves
:: Bedside a bed
:: On a kitchen surface
:: Next to the fridge
:: Near the TV screen
:: On a breakfast table
:: On a chair
:: Hanging from the Christmas tree
:: Alongside Christmas cards
:: On a windowsill 
:: Next to the coats
:: On a door handle
:: Next to the computer
:: Near presents under the tree
:: Beside school shoes
:: On a school bag
:: Next to your wellie boots 

You could set a daily challenge & see how long it takes for them to find the star each morning, or give them simple clues as to where it might be.

Or you might like to talk about the journey of the Three Kings & where they travelled from, or learn the lyrics from the carol "We Three Kings."

I love the simplicity of this quick & easy, no-cost Advent Countdown. It's a lovely way to explore the journey of the Three Kings & the part they played in the Nativity Story.

I hope you & your family have fun together on your journey throughout Advent.