Paper Plate Poppies for a Remembrance Window Display

 These Paper Plate Poppies are perfect for a classroom or window display. They're quick & easy to create & simple for all ages to make too.

This Remembrance Day is obviously going to be very different due to the pandemic, with people unable to attend Services & Remembrance Parades, but we can still remember & give thanks for all those who lost their lives in war & conflicts.

The Royal British Legion are encouraging people to display a poppy in their window as an act or remembrance & these large paper plate poppies are ideal for that. 

To make them you'll need just 3 paper plates, red & black paint/pens & glue.

:: Cover two paper plates with red paint/pens & leave to dry. If you wish your poppies to be seen on either side of a window simply colour the other side red too.

:: Paint the middle of the other plate black & when dry, cut out a small circle. We used a large mug to give us a template. (Again if you want your poppy displayed on both sides of the window you'll need two black centres.)

:: Finally overlap the plates, with the top plate tucked behind the bottom one & secure with glue. Then stick on the black centre & your poppy is ready to display.

Don't forget to wear your poppy this weekend & the following week, every donation makes a real difference to the Royal British legion & the amazing work they do. For more information on how you can donate visit the Poppy Appeal 2020. 

At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them.