Share New Year Wishes with homemade Wishing Stars

Share a new year wish with these adorable Clay Wishing Stars. They're a perfect gift & ideal for spreading a little love, joy, peace & hope at the beginning of January & throughout the year ahead. 

These really are super simple to make & ideal for children to create independently. To make them we used a packet of white air drying clay, a set of small letter stamps (from Poundland), & a star cookie cutter. 

We rolled the clay onto an old baking sheet until it was an even thickness & then cut out our star shapes. Using a paper straw we made a small hole in the top of each star so we could add string later.

Before we used the stamps we thought about our wishes & who to send them to. 

The small letter stamps left a neat imprint in the clay & once we'd printed all our wishes we left them to dry overnight before threading the string. 

We then added a small note to each star which read:
"May your new year be filled with ..." 

These pretty Wishing Stars would make a neat addition to any Christmas thank your or new year note, & are sure to brighten up dull winter days. We'll be sharing these with our family & friends during the first week of January.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish you & your family a wonderful New Year & hope that it brings you all you wish for.