Simple Eco-friendly Reindeer Food for Kids to Make

Looking for Reindeer Food that doesn't contain glitter? This eco-friendly recipe even contains a magic ingredient to help Rudolph's nose glow! Children of all ages will love creating this ready for the reindeer to enjoy on Christmas Eve.

We've been making this Reindeer Food for a couple of years now & it's become a tradition in our house to make it on the Sunday before Christmas Day. We always start by decorating a small gift bag ready to hold the food.

 Paper bags are ideal for this as they're easy to draw or write on & can be easily recycled once used. In previous years we've added a gift label with a little message;

"Thank you Reindeer for guiding the sleigh. Here's a treat to help you on your way."

For our Reindeer Food we use a few kitchen ingredients that the reindeer (& wild birds) love. We find it easier to add the ingredients to small dishes ready for little hands to scoop them out & into the bag.

To make this Reindeer Food you'll need:
:: Rolled oats - which help the reindeer stay strong as they fly around the world
:: Peanuts - which give the reindeer energy
:: Wild Flower Seeds - help their coats stay shiny
:: Dried Cranberries - help Rudolph's nose glow at night

We used poppy seeds collected from the homegrown poppies in our garden. Using these seeds was a great reminder of the rhythm of the seasons & the simple ways we can help local wildlife throughout the year. 

To make your Reindeer Food just add the ingredients to a small bag. Add as much as you think the reindeer will need. The best part of this is encouraging children to consider what they think the reindeers will need most of, a perfect way to inspire their imagination!

The last ingredient that makes this Reindeer Food magic, is the wish you add at the end.
Your wish helps the reindeer find your house. 

To add your magic wish, simply hold the bag of Reindeer Food in your hands, close your eyes tight & make your wish.

Make sure you seal your bag up with glue or washi tape so everything is safely stored ready for 24th December.

On Christmas Eve, carefully open your bag of Reindeer Food & scatter it over the ground for the reindeer to find. Your wish will fly up & guide them to the food & your house.

They'll be so grateful for your amazing gift & happy to share it with the birds too. 

Reindeer know the true magic of Christmas is all about sharing, so they'll want to share their food with other animals & birds especially on Christmas Day.

This Reindeer Food creates a little seasonal magic & kids will love making their own in a special bag. Eco-friendly & great for helping Winter wildlife too, a perfect seasonal gift to share.