5 Activities to help Young Children Explore their Mental Health

On this World Mental Health Day we're thinking particularly of children's wellbeing & sharing 5 Simple Activities to help Children Explore their Mental Health.

I've used these activities a number of times with groups of children as well as individuals & the feedback from the children & their families has been really positive with some children managing to overcome their difficulties as a result. I hope you find them useful too.

:: Affirmation Mirrors 
Ideal for starting the day with a positive outlook

:: Pocket Affirmation Stones 
Great for building confidence & self-esteem & can be carried with you throughout the day.

:: Worry Monsters!
These creatures will hoover up all worries, big or small. Especially helpful for younger children.

:: Affirmation Colouring Sheet for Kids - FREE Printable 
Encourage children to colour around the words & add illustrations or a colourful background/border. If working with individual children you could give examples of the times when you've seen them modelling the affirmations. Download your copy here

:: Mind Jar
Especially helpful for children with anxiety, dealing with change, or those who find it hard to unwind & relax. 

It's always important to remember each of us is unique with our own way of coping with challenging situations. What might be right for one child, may not work for another, but I hope at least one of these ideas might be helpful to you. ♥