Gluten & Dairy Free Pancake Recipe

This gluten & dairy-free pancake recipe is a real winner in our house, it's super quick & simple, & the pancakes taste delicious! Perfect to get all the family involved in making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday or any other day.

After a little experimenting, we came up with this quick & easy recipe which makes light & fluffy pancakes that taste delicious! 

To make our pancakes we used the following which makes approx 4 large pancakes.
If you need to make more, just multiply the ingredients.

125g Dove Self Raising Gluten Free Flour
(Self Raising Flour gives the pancakes a light fluffy texture)
1 Free-range egg
250ml Oat Milk
Sunflower oil spray

:: Whisk the egg & milk together & then slowly pour into the flour, whisking all the time to create a batter. Keep whisking until all the flour has disappeared into the mix & there are no lumps & the batter is smooth. 

:: Pour a half a ladleful of batter into a hot lightly oiled non-stick frying pan & cook on high heat. When bubbles start to appear on the surface,  turn the pancake over & cook until golden. We found adding less batter meant the pancakes cooked more quickly & evenly.

Then the pancakes are ready to serve with your favourite toppings. What's your family's favourite? We love a selection of fresh fruit alongside some maple syrup & dairy-free Alpro yoghurt. Yum!

Happy Pancake eating & happy Shrove Tuesday!