What makes a Strong Girl? 6 Ideas & Quotes for International Women's Day

This International Women's Day I'm particularly thinking of all the amazing women in my life & their beautiful qualities. I hope as my daughter grows up she'll be able to recognize similar characteristics in others & also see them in herself. Today I want to encourage her to think about all she has to offer the world, & to ask "What makes a Strong Girl?"

Obviously, there are countless qualities that make girls strong & unique & I could fill pages with ideas, but today I'm focusing on just six to share with her.

What makes a Strong Girl?

A Strong Girl...

Stands up & is counted. She stands up for the important things in life; for justice, freedom, equality, she fights for her rights as well as those who have fewer than her. She is fierce. She stands tall by raising others, even those who she will never meet.

Trusts in herself. She listens to her inner voice, believes in her own abilities. She's not easily swept along by the crowd needing to fit in, she celebrates her uniqueness, her skills, her knowledge, her quirks. She celebrates her inner beauty & her strength & her own style. She believes in herself.

Respects the voices of strong women who have gone before her. She reads their stories, learns of the struggles they faced, recognizes their strength, dogged determination, & radical actions, & is inspired by their achievements. She listens not only to the voices of women from her own culture but also to those from around the world, some well known from pages of history books, & others a whisper waiting to be heard.

Offers opinions. She thinks before she speaks & uses her words wisely. She knows words carry much power, the power to create a positive change, or power to harm. She shares her thoughts & beliefs, but also listens respectfully to others, even if their views differ from her own. She knows that her voice, however small, can bring about change.

Never gives up. She perseveres even when something seems impossible, she keeps going. She understands that nothing comes easy, that you have to work hard. She understands that sometimes you make mistakes, but a strong girl learns from these & knows that they'll make her stronger, wiser, & smarter.

Gives. A strong girl makes a difference to the world where she's at. She gives her time, her energy & her skills to make a positive difference in situations she finds herself in. Whether she's a kid displaying compassion & friendship on a playground, a woman supporting colleagues at work, or campaigning for a better world, a strong girl gives what she can & makes a difference.

I'm looking forward to chatting over these ideas with my girl & listening to her insights too.

Hoping you get the chance today to celebrate & spend time with the strong women in your life. Wishing you a happy International Women's Day from the strong girls in my household to the strong girls in yours. ♥