"5 Things I Love About You" Heart Book

Create a keepsake for family members to treasure with one of these heart-shaped books. They're perfect for all ages to make & ideal for Mothering Sunday, Father's Day, or remembering special people who have died.

Ask children to choose 5 things they love about someone & I wonder what they would say? I love children's honesty when it comes to answering questions like this; you never know what responses they'll give! I'm pretty sure though that the 5 things they would offer would really mean something to them, & that's why it's so lovely to have a record of them in a little book like this. I'm sure any Mum, Dad, Grandparent or carer would love to receive a little book containing 5 unique reasons someone thinks they are special.

To make the books we used a red sheet of card for the cover, & 3 sheets of white paper for the pages which we folded in half & then cut into a heart shape. We stapled them together & then added our book title: "5 Things I Love About You" to the front cover. Our book was then ready to be filled with love!

When it comes to choosing 5 things for the book some children may find it difficult so you could always offer a few prompts to encourage them, for example; how does the person you're thinking about help you? What makes them unique? When do they make you smile? What do you like doing with them the most? Where do you like to go together? 

My girl made one of these for her Dad, & was soon scribbling ideas down on a spare sheet of paper, it didn't take long to find 5 things. She added each one to a double page of the book (the book has 5 double pages); this gave enough space to be creative & add a picture alongside the text. To illustrate her ideas, she used a mixture of pens, coloured pencils, & stickers.

Offering children time to think about why a particular person is special gives them a moment to appreciate that individual & their gifts. Often life is so fast we don't always allow children that space, but this little mindful activity enables them to reflect & express in their own words why they're grateful.

These books would be great for toddlers to create too, & alongside their drawings & mark-making you could scribe their thoughts. 

Such a special little book to treasure any day of the year.