Magnetic Lolly Stick Hearts for Valentine's Day

These magnetic popsicle hearts are a perfect card & gift combo to share a little love this Valentine's Day. Made from a lolly stick, they're simple, fun & frugal for kids to make.

These hearts make such cute little gifts which can be used long after Valentines Day.

To make the magnetic hearts we used just one wide popsicle stick (like these) & cut the top & bottom off with scissors. When you cut the ends just check the lengths are the same size otherwise your heart may not be symmetrical. Keep the middle section of the lolly stick for later.

To turn the end sections into a heart we overlapped them & secured with a glue gun. We made sure the cut edges were in line with the sides to create a neat finish, & then our little hearts were ready to be decorated. 

To create our colourful hearts we used a variety of paper washi tape. This was simple & quick to apply, & we didn't need much for each heart.

When we were happy with our hearts we added a magnet to the back of each one. We used magnets from Baker Ross which we cut to size & then attached with the glue gun. These magnets were self-adhesive but we used the hot glue just to make sure the hearts were really secure.

Now all we needed was a Valentine's card & for this we used a sheet of A4 card fold in half & then half again. We attached one of our magnetic hearts to the centre with a small section of double-sided tape, then attached the remaining section of lolly stick towards the base of the card which created a cute little banner for a message to be written on. ♥

I can't tell you just how much I love these cards! Just gorgeous! ♥ 
Such a great craft for all ages, & a neat card/gift combo which is bound to be treasured by recipients too.