12 Activities Exploring our Amazing Oceans

Today we're celebrating World Ocean Day. There's nothing better than experiencing the ocean first hand, but there are many other ways to explore all the amazing things our oceans have to offer. Below are just some of the activities we've enjoyed together.

1. Visit a local aquarium (or wildlife centre) & check out their marine conservation programs. Many aquariums encourage children to interact with various marine life, & allow them to observe underwater habitats closeup.

2. Make your own small world play scene with our Ocean Play Dough (with sounds of the sea) or our Mirrored Seascape.

3. Paint the Ocean. What does the ocean look & feel like to you...

4. Read a Storybook inspired by the Ocean. Here are 5 of our favourites.

5. Sail across the ocean & create your own Desert Island

7. Create your own underwater collage with these colourful footpints & handprints 

8. Feel the power of the sea & go surfing or paddling with a friend

9. Explore the hidden treasures of a rock pool. Remember to be gentle when moving & replacing rocks & pebbles.

10. Take part in a coastal cleanup or go on a litter collection with your family. A practical way to encourage care for marine life, & a great opportunity to observe just what the sea washes up & the mess we humans make!

11. Make marine life puppets & create underwater adventures together. Here's our rainbow fish puppet along with our 'jumping jellyfish' kite.

12. Explore natural objects from the ocean in a bath (shells, pebbles, natural sponges) You could even pretend your are a fish, or a mermaid swimming in the ocean!

To find out more about our oceans & marine conservation check out the following sites.