Welcome to the Play Dough Pledge!

We're very excited to be launching our Play Dough Week with you today. If you follow our blog you'll know we're huge fans of play dough! To celebrate this wonderfully creative, sensory stuff we're teaming up with two other UK bloggers Cathy from Nurturestore & Anna from The Imagination Tree to bring you the Play Dough Pledge Week!

Every day this week we'll be sharing new play dough activities & ideas, & inviting you to join us too!

We're kicking off this week with two basic play dough recipes for you to download & try.
Both are inexpensive to make, take less than 5 minutes to create, & will last for weeks if stored in an airtight container. One of them is the basic recipe we use for all our play dough activities.

Download your copy of our Super Simple Play Dough Recipes here.

Why not print them off so they're close at hand & ready to use for some play dough fun this week.

Fancy taking the Play Dough Pledge with us? Here's what to do...

Pledge to try something new with Play Dough this week. It can be anything from making your own play dough to trying a new activity. We'll be sharing different recipes, play ideas & activities for you to try every day this week so be sure to stop by each of our blogs.

Have a go at some of our play suggestions throughout the week, or be inspired to create something completely different with play dough. Share some photos of your play dough activities on our facebook pages, it would be great to see what everyone has been up to, & celebrate our children's creativity.

We'll be sharing extra ideas & play dough tips throughout the week on our facebook pages so be sure to follow Sun Hats & Wellie BootsNurturestore, & The Imagination Tree for the latest updates.

If you take the Play Dough Pledge why not add this badge to your site.

On Saturday we'll be rounding off our Play Dough Week with a Link Party, & we're inviting you to join us & share all your play dough posts.

For more play dough ideas & inspiration check out the Play Dough board on Pinterest.

Make sure you stop by Nurturestore today to grab your copy of their fab free Play dough ebook.

Happy play dough playing!