Play Dough Hot Cross Buns

We love Hot Cross Buns & have them ready to eat for our breakfast today. Warm Hot Cross Buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday (the Friday before Easter Day) & their ingredients give them a sweet, spicy-fruity flavour. The cross on the top of the bun symbolises & reminds Christians that Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday.

We've been singing the nursery rhyme 'Hot Cross Buns' this week, but I've only just discovered that this rhyme was traditionally sung by street vendors who sold hot cross buns to passers-by.

 Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns!
One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns
If you have no daughters, give them to your sons
One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns

As Minnie loves Hot Cross Buns we thought we'd make some play dough buns that she could sell in her Baker's Shop. We used our no-cook play dough recipe & split the play dough into two batches. One we left plain & added a tablespoon of cocoa powder to the other batch.

We added a few teaspoonfuls of cinnamon to create a spicy hot cross bun scent, along with some cinnamon sticks. To create different textures & scent you could also add raisins/sultanas, cloves, mixed spice, small chunks of orange peel etc.

Minnie created her hot cross buns by rolling out the lighter coloured play dough into long strips & forming a cross shape on top of the bun.

These buns were flying off the shelves in her bakery, especially when she was singing the rhyme! ;-)

She loved exploring the cinnamon sticks too, & was soon exploring the shapes & patterns she could make with them.

This sensory play has led to some great imaginative play & role play. It's also enabled us to explore some Easter traditions & take a look at the Easter story once again.