Jack & the Beanstalk - Story Basket

We've been busy over the last few weeks sorting & planting out our Spring seeds. Amongst our selection of veggie seeds are runner & broad beans. These are great to observe as they grow at an amazing rate, & produce quick results for eager little gardeners.

We've been measuring the height of our beans daily & making a note of their progress too.

Minnie has found it fascinating to compare beans (like those we planted) next to our growing beanstalks & observe just how quickly they've changed. She's also been considering what the beans have needed to help them grow, & eagerly checked, watered, & protected them by covering them every night.

As we've watched the beans grow taller, it's got me thinking about that classic fairy tale 'Jack & The Beanstalk.' Although Minnie knows a variety of classic fairy tales we were yet to share this one, so after a trip to the local library, & a quick search around the house I came up with this story basket for her to explore this well known fairy tale.

We read the story together at bedtime, & the following day I left the basket out for Minnie to discover.

Our 'Jack & The Beanstalk' Story Basket contained:

2 small world play figures - Jack & Jack's Mother
1 slightly large play figure - The Giant
Cotton wool - Cloud
Green shoelace with green buttons threaded along - The Beanstalk
Plain cardboard box - House/Castle
Woolen chick - Hen/Goose
2 plastic Easter eggs
5 Broad beans
Small dish
6 small pebbles

Minnie has had much fun exploring the story...
Here's Jack selling his cow for some magic beans!

His mother is unhappy & sends him to bed...

... and throws the beans out of the window!

The beanstalk grows & grows...

.. and grows up through the clouds to a castle where a Giant lives!

In the castle Jack discovers a hen that lays golden eggs

The Giant discovers Jack & starts to follow him. Minnie looped the 'beanstalk' over our washing line so it hung down to the ground for Jack to climb down & escape the Giant!

Jack finds an axe (clothespin) & chops the beanstalk down! 

Jack's mother is clearly overwhelmed by the golden eggs! ;-)

The woolen chick enabled the golden eggs to be 'laid' again & again (which proved very popular) & encouraged some fine motor skills too! :-)

The golden eggs were solid in the original story, but in Minnie's version the eggs were filled with seeds, leaves & other natural goodies from the garden.

Using the basket to hold the story props proved ideal for outdoor play as it could be hooked over a bike (or arm) & transported around the garden fast! The basket itself was also used as a prop.

This little story basket offered endless opportunities for imaginative play & story telling, the house/castle even became a camera at one point!

This proved a fun way to explore a classic fairy tale, & enabled Minnie to retell & act out the narrative as well as discover & share her own stories. I know this is something we'll explore again & again.

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  1. This is so special! I love your creativity in putting together objects for the basket and all of the opportunities for your daughter to practice language. Super smart AND fun!

  2. beautiful! we have been "playing" this story a lot recently too! Love your basket of storytelling objects!