Clean Soapy Mud

This is one of those activities that we play with regularly but I never think to blog about. If your kiddos love playing with mud outside, they're sure to enjoy this activity too. This has been played with both outdoors & inside, although I tend to set the activity up in our kitchen just in case the soap starts to fly! ;-)

To make our clean mud we used:
2 bars of soap
(We've added ripped up toilet tissue to the mixture in the past, but for this activity we just used bars of economy soap.)

Using an old food grater I shredded the bars of soap into our messy play tub (a large plastic storage tub).  Minnie loved exploring the texture of the grated soap, sprinkling it over her hands & pretending it was snow.

She slowly started to add the water, exploring the changing texture as she did so.

This was a great texture to whisk...

Squash between your fingers...

  Splat & pat!

 She added more water & continued to mix & explore with her hands.

The mixture was ideal for moulding into new shapes...

And moving & manipulating with tongs.

More water was added & Minnie whisked the mixture turning it into frothy, thick consistency. She loved rubbing her hands in this bubbly froth, & burying her hands underneath it.

A perfect consistency for exploring mark making...

And hiding plastic animals in! Can you spy the polar bear hiding in the 'snow' ?

This inexpensive activity takes minutes to prepare, & if you pop the soapy container in the bath it takes very little time to clean. If your children help clean it, well that's a whole new sensory experience for them to enjoy too!:-) Great for exploring solids, liquids, change, movement, senses, texture, & imagination.

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