Make Your Own Clean Mud with just 2 Ingredients

This is one of those activities that we play with regularly but I never think to blog about. If your kids love playing with mud outside, they're sure to enjoy this activity too. This has been played with both outdoors & inside & is a great sensory activity for all ages.

To make our Clean Mud we used:
2 bars of soap
Warm water

Using an old food grater I shredded the bars of soap into our messy play tub (a large plastic storage tub).  Minnie loved exploring the texture of the grated soap, sprinkling it over her hands & pretending it was snow.

She slowly started to add the water, exploring the changing texture as she did so.

This was a great texture to whisk...

Squash between your fingers...

  Splat & pat!

 She added more water & continued to mix & explore with her hands.

The mixture was ideal for moulding into new shapes...

And moving & manipulating with tongs.

More water was added & Minnie whisked the mixture turning it into a frothy, thick consistency. She loved rubbing her hands in this bubbly froth, & burying her hands underneath it.

A perfect consistency for exploring mark-making...

And hiding plastic animals in! Can you spy the polar bear hiding in the soapy snow?

This inexpensive activity takes minutes to prepare, & if you pop the soapy container in the bath it takes very little time to clean. If your children help clean it, well that's a whole new sensory experience for them to enjoy too!:-) Great for exploring solids, liquids, movement, senses, & texture.