20 Ways to Play in the Rain

On rainy days you'll find us with our wellies & waterproofs heading outside for new adventures. We love outdoor play - whatever the weather! Sometimes we get a little wet, but hey that's part of the fun. If we avoided the rain for fear of getting wet, we'd miss out on so many new discoveries!

So don't let rain stop play. Check out our 20 ways to play in the rain!

1. Listen to the rhythm of the rain! What does the rain sound like as it hits the windows, fences, flowerpots, or puddles? 

2. Feel the rain on your face & hands. Can you catch a raindrop on your nose, or hand?

3. Go on a worm hunt! Wet weather is perfect for spotting worms as they move towards the surface of the soil during rain storms. How many can you spot?

4. Dress up in fancy dress & dance in the rain!

5. Jump in puddles! Run through puddles! Gallop, skip, & hop through puddles!

6. Taste the rain! Catch a raindrop on your tongue.

7. Create ripples, swirls, & patterns in puddles.

8. Build a mini dam with sticks to see if you can stop the flow of water.

9. Share the magic of the puddle with someone special!

10. Paint with raindrops. Add drops of watercolours or food colouring to paper & watch what happens with it rains.

11. Look at reflections in puddles. What can you see? Can you see your face reflected in a puddle? If you jump in the water what happens to the reflection?

12. Investigate & measure rainfall, using a plastic measuring jug, or an old baby bottle which has measurements down the side. Or see how much rain you can catch in a cup.

13. Explore what happens to a water butt or guttering when it's raining. Where does the water go?

14. Play with sand & explore it's changing appearance & texture in the rain.

15. Take an umbrella walk around your garden or neighbourhood. Do things look different when they're wet? Do colours change?

16. Pretend to be a fish, or a frog, or a duck. I wonder how they would move in the rain.

17. Find (or build) an outdoor shelter from the rain. How do you feel watching the rain from your shelter, what do you notice?

18. Set up an outdoor water play area to explore the rain.

19. Experiment with sponges or different fabrics & containers outside. How much rain do they absorb?

20. Search for a rainbow. Can you see one in the sky, or one hidden in a raindrop? Raindrops act as tiny prisms making them perfect for a mini rainbow hunt.

However you spend your day exploring the rain I hope you have fun, & get to jump in at least one muddy puddle!