Daffodil Head Boppers

 Here are our Daffodil HeadBoppers perfect for celebrating Spring, Easter, or St David's Day!

To make our daffodil head boppers we used:
A headband (preferably one with grip teeth)
Cardboard egg box
4 orange pipe cleaners
2 green (bending) drinking straws
Yellow card
Yellow paint.

1. Cut 2 flower(ish) shapes from the egg box & decorate with yellow paint. Set aside to dry.

2. Twist 2 pipe cleaners together & thread through each straw.

3. Fold the yellow card & draw 2 flower shapes which have four large petals. Cut them out, fold each of the petals in slightly, & make a small hole in the centre of each cutout.

4. When the egg box sections are dry make a small hole in the centre. Thread the yellow card & egg box flower onto the pipe cleaners (making sure it's the end of the straw with the bend it in). Secure the flower by tying a knot in the pipe cleaner, or rolling the end of the pipe cleaner into a ball.

5. Wind the other end of the pipe cleaner around the headband, & your daffodil head boppers are ready to brighten someones day!

To go with our daffodil head boppers we've chosen to read "That's Not a Daffodil" by Elizabeth Honey. 

It's a tale about a little boy called Tom who is given a daffodil bulb by an elderly neighbour, but Tom thinks it's an onion, not a daffodil. Tom waits & watches the bulb but nothing happens, he thinks it's a desert not a bulb!  It eventually starts to grow shoots, & soon grows taller forming a bud, but Tom is still convinced it's not a daffodil, until it opens & everyone discovers it's a...! You'll have to read the book to see what happens next. ;-) It's an ideal book for introducing bulbs, growth & gardening to preschoolers.