We're Going on a Sound Hunt...

At this time of year it can sometimes be hard to think of outdoor activities, but the great thing about this Sound Hunt is that it can be enjoyed in all weathers around your neighbourhood, & you don't need any equipment.

Before we set out on our sound hunt we shared this rhyme (based on We're Going on a Bear Hunt)

We set off with 2 sound sticks (wooden spoons) to help track down some outdoor sounds.

My girl led the hunt & experimented with the sound sticks on walls, bricks, fences, trees, toys, & even my wellies! As she explored she commented on the sounds she found & whether they were loud or quiet. 

As we continued our sound hunt around our neighbourhood we walked through a wooded area & heard birdsong. We paused to listen to the different birds & tried to spot them hidden in the trees. 

We listened to the cracking of the twigs beneath our feet, & the rustle & crunching of the leaves as we jumped through them.

When we were actively listening, my girl was mindful of the sounds of cars nearby, planes overhead, & school children playing in a nearby playground, sounds which before may have gone unnoticed. 

It was great to just have space to listen, & appreciate the sounds of our outdoor environment. 
Listening is such an important skill, & to be able to explore it in this outdoor activity was really valuable. Often we're so focused on activities that we forget to take time to stop & listen to the world around us. 

I'd love to do this sound hunt again during a different season & compare what we heard. Or how about going on a sound hunt on a windy day or while it's raining or snowing.

Have you tried a sound walk around your neighbourhood?