Mini Chocolate Christmas Puddings - simple homemade sweets

We've been making a selection of sweets to share with friends over Christmas, & these cute Christmas puds were super easy & inexpensive to make.

We used this ice-cube tray from The Works which made a perfect mould for mini puddings. If you can't get hold of one of these you could always use Rolo sweets as puddings instead!

We melted 2 bars of milk chocolate (in a glass bowl over a saucepan of hot water, taking care not to add any water to the chocolate) & once runny we filled the moulds. We added a few raisins to each pud before the chocolate set. You could add anything to these puds, chopped nuts, small balls of marzipan, popping candy, or jelly sweets.

We left the ice-cube tray in the fridge for 4 hrs & once the chocolate had set, we pushed the chocolate out onto a plate.

To add the cream/custard style topping we used a white icing pen. (Thick icing paste or fondant icing would create a similar result)

After adding the icing to the top we watched as it started to run down the sides of the pudding creating our custard effect. Before it set we decorated the puds with a few holly sugar sprinkles from Edible Glitter. Alternatively you could make holly shapes using coloured icing, or use Christmas sprinkles, or hundreds & thousands.

Our mini chocolate Christmas puddings were ready to go! To share them with friends we simply placed them in petit four cases.

These are a perfect treat size to share with friends, & make a great homemade gift too.