Homemade Peppermint Bark

We love baking & creating in our kitchen & trying out new recipes. A friend shared this recipe last Christmas, & it was so good we knew we'd have to have a go at making it this year. It's so simple to create & would make an ideal Christmas treat to share.

To make them we used:
4 Mini peppermint candy canes
A large bar of white chocolate
Edible glitter - optional

1) We melted the chocolate in a glass bowl over a saucepan of hot water, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon.

2) To create the crunchy mint layer of our chocolate we needed to break the candy canes up, so removed any plastic wrap & placed the canes inside a plastic freezer bag.

3) Taking a rolling pin Minnie battered crushed the canes until they were all broken. (The open end of the bag needs to be folded over before you crush the canes, otherwise the mint shards will fly evertwhere... as we discovered!)

4) Minnie sprinkled edible glitter over the bottom of the baking tray before I poured in the melted chocolate.

5) When the chocolate evenly covered the pan Minnie sprinkled over the crushed candy canes, & we left to set in the fridge for three hours.

6) Once hard we tipped the chocolate out onto a clean chopping board & tapped gently with the rolling pin to break it up.

The glitter added a little sparkle to the other side of the chocolate

7) We added 6-8 pieces of chocolate to each plastic gift bag, tied with ribbon, & our candy cane chocolate treats were ready to share.

Minnie especially loved the physical element of this recipe as she crushed the candy canes & chocolate, although I think she may have enjoyed the taste testing more. ;-)