Super Simple Calendars

We’ve been making homemade gifts for family & friends this week, but have suddenly realised there isn't that much time left to post items before Christmas. These super cute, simple calendars are perfect for sharing a little love across the miles, & their narrow shape means they're easy & inexpensive to post.

Minnie made penguin calendars last year using her footprint. We sponge painted one of her feet (but not her toes) with blue paint & then placed her footprint on to A5 size card. While the paint was still wet she sprinkled over a little blue bio-glitter. I added the feet & a beak, before Minnie stuck on the googly eye! To finish, she hole punched the top of the card, added ribbon to hang, stuck on a few stars & added a calendar tab. (Calendar tabs are available from most craft shops or Amazon, we found these in Hobby Craft for 20p each.)

These footprint calendars are ideal for all ages, even the tiniest baby feet can be painted, & they make a great keepsake for relatives too.

This year Minnie has chosen to make a heart for her calendar which she has decorated with recycled buttons & more bio-glitter! She has been really engrossed in this activity; creating patterns with the buttons, while sorting & counting them out.

We added a little rhyme with the 2012 calendar tabs, & our homemade calendars were ready to go! (In case you’re wondering why there are 366 days, 2012 is a leap year.) 

An inexpensive, unique gift, perfect for sharing a little love over Christmas & beyond!