Pinecone Painting for Christmas

As you know we're big fans of nature walks, & messy play in our house, so this was a perfect activity to explore. All you need are some pinecones & a little paint.

We've enjoyed many woodland walks recently & always seem to come back with more items than we initially set out with! My girl loves taking a bag with her to collect all her finds, & on a recent walk she & a friend collected an impressive stash of pinecones! But what to do with them all?

You can probably guess that she was keen to paint them, so with a selection of paints & a few brushes she was ready.

To start with she chose to paint the pinecones with brushes...

...but it wasn't long before she was exploring the paint with her hands. I guessed hand-painting would be popular with all those gorgeous textures to explore!

Soon she was experimenting by dropping a few pinecones into small recycled plastic tubs with a layer of paint at the bottom & rolling them around with a paintbrush. This covered the pinecones well, but she was keen to feel the paint with her hands! 

Once she had finished painting & exploring we left the pinecones to dry overnight.

Once they were dry we added the pinecones to a nearby vase.

My girl then independently collected a glass tealight holder from another room & placed it in the top of the vase! Genius! What a great Christmas decoration. 

After painting our pinecones we also discovered something rather magical. The green ones looked like mini fir trees! Check out the fun we had with them in this post.