Homemade Glow in the Dark Play Dough

How cool is this?! Make your own glow in the dark play dough! This simple play dough recipe is quick & easy to make & is sure to bring oodles of fun to your home.

We made up a batch of basic play dough following our easy play dough recipe. 

Once it was cooled I added some glow in the dark paint from the Early Learning Centre & kneaded well into the dough.

I repeated this process until the mixture became sticky. I left it for around 10mins until the dough had dried a little & the consistency was smooth. I added more paint & continued mixing into the dough.

To check the dough had a glow, I moved it into a darker area of the kitchen to see if it radiated any light, & to my surprise it did!

To ‘charge’ the dough up, & prevent it from drying out, I placed it in an air tight Kilner jar & sat it on a windowsill in full sun. The sunlight enabled the dough to glow - Hurrah! To add an extra ‘boost’ we shone a powerful torch on the dough, which made the dough to glow even brighter.

For the dough to maintain it's glow it needs to sit for a few hours in direct light. If the dough is manipulated for a long period of time without much light it's unlikely to produce such bright results. But once charged, the effects are magical.

This really does work! I don't have the best camera, so the photos don't to it justice, but the dough does glow very bright.

What a great way to explore light, energy, sensory play, & imagination.

I’m thinking this would be great fun for any parties coming up at the end of October & treat bags too!