Sycamore Seed Dragonfly Cards

We discovered these beautiful dragonflies while playing with paint today.

We used; card, paint, a small paintbrush, double sided sticky pads, & sycamore seeds.

We took a sheet of card, folded & cut to the size we wanted. Minnie used a small paintbrush to mix the different colours of paint, before adding the stripes to the card.

We added sycamore seeds to the card using sticky pads, & our dragonflies were complete.

Then Minnie had a go at finger painting a few more.

A great set of simple greeting cards ready to fly off to a friend or two.


  1. These are wonderful! I am studying trees with my girls this week and I've bookmarked the idea in Evernote and shared it on Pinterest:

    Thank you for sharing. {love it}

  2. these are sooooo cute! How creative & fun! I really wish I had more leaves & seeds to craft with here in FL!

    Would love to have you share on the Sunday Showcase - it's still open!


  3. Aaaah great minds think alike... have been meaning to make dragon flies like these with the children for a while now.. then forget!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!!


  4. How beautiful!
    Very good idea!
    I`ll add it to our to do list :)

  5. What a neat idea, I don't know if we have seed pods like this but leaves might do the trick!

  6. A silly aside: I thought those looked like maple seeds, so I looked it up.

    Now I know that maples and sycamores are in the same family.
    So, in addition to the craft, I learned something today! Thanks!